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To Start it All Off.

I’m a normal girl, but have some not- so- normal dreams. My dreams are off the charts, and have hugely high standards. A perfect future would consist of me, a microphone, and a stage, with a 3,000 people crowd of fans cheering me on. I’d kill to follow in someone like Taylor Swift’s footsteps, copying her every move until I reach that oh- so- glorious limelight. Yes- I’d kill to sing, belt it out in front of judges that put me through to the highest level. I can’t tell anyone who I want to be until I am just that- since they look down on me. Like Eminem, my boyfriend’s idol, says, “..and all folks who look down on me, I’m tearing down your balcony,”. I’m going to show those people who don’t believe in those with a dream.

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